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Affordable Used Cars in CT from Our Wholesale Auto Dealer

Our Wholesale Used Cars

When the time comes, and you've made the determination you need a different vehicle, you have a few options. You can go to a car lot and buy something brand new paying top dollar. You might feel good about driving off in your shiny new vehicle. As soon as you leave the parking lot, though, you've already lost thousands of dollars on your investment.
Your other option, and the much better one financially for most, is purchasing from a wholesale auto dealer. At A Better Way Wholesale Autos, we have thousands of vehicles available for purchase at our wholesale auto outlet. We aren't like other wholesale auto dealers, though. Instead of carrying a considerable overhead that would require us to keep purchase prices high, we run our wholesale auto company differently. 
We are the largest out of all wholesale car dealers in all of Connecticut. That means we have a substantial customer base that allows us to keep our wholesale used cars stickered with much lower tags than the competitors. 
When you're looking at wholesale auto dealers for your next vehicle, you know that you're purchasing something that was previously owned. You don't want to, nor should you have to pay the price comparable to buying something new. After turning our small used car lot into the massive company that we run today, we've made it possible to offer the lowest rates around.
About Our Used Cars in CT

Reliable Used Trucks in CT. Buy Wholesale Auto and SAVE

If you've ever owned a truck before, or if you know someone that has, you know how much work they are put through. When it's time to trade in a used truck for something newer, most wholesale auto dealers don't know what they're getting. Some of those less reputable and dishonest agents will do a quick inspection and put the vehicle right back out on the lot, hoping for a sale right away. The problem with that is, even if you're getting a fantastic deal, you might not be buying the quality wholesale used car you're hoping for.
Some used trucks have been through enough miles of towing and pulling, that they should be laid to rest. You deserve to and expect to get a reliable vehicle when you show up at a wholesale auto dealer sale lot. We want you to know that at A Better Way Wholesale Autos, we have a service, repair, and maintenance center right on location. We employ several certified mechanics and inspectors that thoroughly go through every used vehicle we get before we ever advertise it for sale. Our goal is to ensure you get the dependable truck you're hoping for at a fair price with our reasonable wholesale rates.
About Our Used Trucks in CT

Lowest Prices on Used SUVs in CT

Have you started to research wholesale used cars in the SUV category? If you have, then you know that some of these vehicles can cost as much as a small vacation home, or sometimes even more! You only want to drive your used SUV, not live in it. We can offer SUVs at much more affordable wholesale auto prices than our competitors. That's because we have over 20 years of building strong, long-lasting relationships with suppliers. 
Between that and the in-house repairs and services we do at our wholesale auto outlet, we save a decent amount on our end. Instead of keeping those profits like the other guys do, we're excited to pass the savings on to you! Don't pay astronomical prices for a used SUV in CT when you can get one at wholesale from our trusted dealership.
About Our Used SUVs in CT

Why Choose A Better Way Wholesale Auto

Besides being the largest supplier of wholesale used cars in the state, there are a plethora of reasons why you should choose A Better Way Wholesale Auto for your next vehicle purchase. First of all, we put the customer first in every situation. We know that buying a used car can be stressful. We do what's necessary to make sure you're comfortable and confident in the decision you're making. Additionally, we have technicians on staff that are highly-educated and continue to learn every day. That's because we want to have all the answers for you when it comes to wholesale auto used cars, both foreign and domestic.
We also take pride in the fact that we offer a wide assortment of extended warranties. When you're buying whole sale used cars, you're taking a risk, but we aren't like the other dealers that let you drive away, not caring about what happens when you hit the highway. Your investment is important to us, and we do what we can to make sure it's protected. There's no requirement to purchase an extended warranty. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents are more than happy to explain each one to you if you wish. You deserve to make the most informed decision about getting one. We're here to help with that.
Stop in and see us today or call us toll-free at 1-866-494-2018 to learn more about us!